Re: Rhyhthmbox backend

I've now updated the album art patches to un-mingle them from Jim's big
patch (Since that's now applied). There are some wider changes in the
patch, including some changes to gui.cs, detailed below:

- A change to how gui.cs handles images to be served off the web - I'd
be grateful if someone could comment on the sanity of my fix
- It now makes "text" cells have a width="100%" tag which makes them
squash up against other items nicer than they did before
- Changed the default sizes from 24px and 16px for icons to 48px and
24px respectively - this may be up for discussion ;)
- Support for "credits", e.g. copyright notices 

The rhythmbox backend patch simply pulls in album image URLs/links from (A UK music store) and displays the image, linking through to
their website.

Updated patch and screenshot:

Lee Willis                                lee leewillis co uk

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