updated gaim plugin

Hi, I fixed up the gaim frontend so that it works with the current
version (0.74) and CVS.  I wasn't able to get the current gaim frontend
(the one that is in dashboard cvs) to compile, so if nothing else, this
should compile.  Anyway I took a quick screenshot that you can see here
(sorry for the size, if its to large for your connection send me,
slackr, a msg on #dashboard):

I have also created an ebuild for gaim to compile with dashboard  Make
sure you add 'dashboard' to your USE variable.  You can grab the ebuild
stuff here:

I did not make any changes to the code except to get it to compile and
have it send the Alias of the buddy as well as the screen name.  Any
testing would be very helpful.

-- Joe Gasiorek (slackr)
gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu

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