Re: Updates Galore

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 18:01, Ryan P Skadberg wrote:
The idea which someone (puck?) has mentioned on IRC once or twice is the
idea of "fading" data.  So, instead of just straight killing things off,
things die off once a certain amount of data has come through (a certain
amount of queries?).  I could see something like this:

* Packet comes in and show data
* Second packet comes in and it puts it's data on the top of the window
* A third comes in and does the same
* Once a threshold is hit, the data from the bottom starts getting
erased as no longer relevant.

This strays somewhat from my knowledge of dashboard so I can't comment on the implementation side except to say that you'd have to bear in mind the difference between when a clupacket came in and when a backend result came out.  Sounds like a cool idea, though, and seems to fit in with the general idea of what dashboard should do.

   It does, however, make the problems with the backend harder than before as we now have to decide on a thread-by-thread basis if we should kill it or not.


Jim McDonald - Jim mcdee net

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