Updates Galore

Things I did tonight that can actually be seen (now that I finally have
my CVS access!):

* Added Stock Quotes Backend
* Added Rhythmbox Backend
* Added Rhythmbox Frontend
* Updated HTML output in Rhythmbox, RSS, Galeon Bookmarks, Evolution
* Updated RSS backend to handle GUIDs as permalinks
* Updated RSS backend to deal with feeds without titles (use first 50
chars as title)
* Updated Jim's Clue Packet Manager code

The Clue Packet Manager is still crashing here and there.  Large
Segfaults during HTML and Text Chainers.  Haven't had a chance to look
at it yet, but these are the biggest crashes.  Also, seeing Null Pointer
Exceptions in the Text Indexer and RSS backends thus far.  Looks like we
need to be checking for these more closely.

I think that's it for now.  May try to do some more tonight, but
probably will wait until tomorrow.


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