Re: Xchat logs backend, indexing and file name assocation.

> From the moment that the indexing starts, the xchatlogs are
> no longer
> available untill the indexing is finished.

available how?  are xchatlogs just regular files?  can other
threads not read them while the indexer is reading them?

> Again, while indexing the indexing db is
> unavailable.  Does anyone know a way around this ?

well, this is because of the way that sqlite handles threads. 
either i didn't know what i was doing or the version of sqlite i
was using wasn't robust, but when i had it support multiple
thread access (e.g. concurrent reading/writing) there was huge
performance problems (i.e. minutes to update).  so i kept it to
single thread access at a time.  for now (then).

but yeah, that definitely needs to be changed.

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