Open Text Summarizer

Hi guys,

Nadav has written an interesting tool/library called OTS available at .  OTS will summarise a text file
finding the most important sentences or keywords.  I can see this
being rather useful.

My vision...  Any documents that are returned by an indexer show:
  The filename, modify or create date and keywords (from OTS).
If the mouse hovers over the file block then:
  A summary of the file from OTS and the rest of the dates are
  shown.  Plus any other meta data we know (ie, possibly what
  generated the file)...

However I have no idea how to make the hover stuff work yet...

Also, it was mentioned on the OTS mailing list that we (the dashboard
folks) may be interested in AbiWord's ability to convert lots of
different formats to flat text files.  I haven't looked into it
yet, but it may be of use/interest.


Andrew Ruthven
Senior Systems Engineer, Actrix Networks Ltd   -->
At Actrix puck actrix gen nz
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