Xchat logs backend, indexing and file name assocation.


I am getting closed to finishing my backend for xchat logs.  Thing are
coming along nicely.  There are a few issues at hand, and i'll address
each one.


Stating the obvious, i am indexing the xchat logfiles using dashboards
indexing code. In the current source, the logfiles are indexed each time
dashboard starts.  This can take anywhere from 10-60 seconds depending
on how much you are logging.

>From the moment that the indexing starts, the xchatlogs are no longer
available untill the indexing is finished.

I have another version of the code, which does indexing at regular
intervals.  Again, while indexing the indexing db is unavailable.  Does
anyone know a way around this ?

File name association:

At the time of writing, the default gnome 2.4 has no association for
files ending in the .log extension.  As this is using gnomes mimetypes
should this be left for the user to decide ?  Is there anything that 
could be done to say "open in favourite text editor" ?

Thats it for now.  



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