Folder Sync on local network

OK, this is still baffling me...

What I want to do is to get a folder on my desktop that can be sync'd
with my laptop and my Nokia N800 over my local LAN.  Here is what I
have done so far:

1. Install conduit on all relevant machines.
2. Set up a network sync for the desired folder
	a. Under 'Files and Folders' in Conduit drag the folder to the
	canvas area.
	b. Right click and configure folder to share.
	c. Under 'Misc' drag 'Network' to canvas area, associate with
	the folder from above.  Set to do 2 way synchronization.
	d. On second machine get the network folder (listed in second
	machine under the sharing machine's name in the left window
	pane) and drag to canvas area.
	e. Drag folder from 'Files and Folders' to canvas and associate
	with the network sharing folder.   Configure for two way sync.
3. Hit Synchronize All on the desktop.
4. Hit Synchronize all on the laptop.

Basically I get nothing or, sometimes a folder appears on the laptop
called ':file/' and it has a subfolder in it called 'tmp'.

Additionally the network shared folder does not appear on the N800 but
given that I can't even seem to sync to a machine where it appears I
have put that problem on the back burner!

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?  This seems to be following
the instructions on the wiki for setting up a folder sync but since
nothing is working I must be missing something.


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