Re:, syncing contacts from evolution?

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:19 PM, Mats Taraldsvik
<mats taraldsvik bickeringleague net> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2009-10-01 at 00:53 +0200, John Stowers wrote:
>> > For it to be complete I would like to retain some of the structure, at
>> > least so I can write a simple apache redirect rule that will handle
>> > the most common pages. For example
>> >
>> > ->
>> >
>> > ->
>> >
>> Actually, I just went a fixed a whole bunch of these myself, by
>> renaming some pages you have created. I would appreciate it if you
>> could have a look over the old website, and check that I renamed the
>> pages correctly so they follow the rules above.
> I think the "home" page of the wiki should contain more information, as
> I hate complicated hierarchies.
> However, I completely understand that you want the transition to be as
> easy as possible. :)
> ##
> Anyway, I have checked the links I could find, and corrected a whole
> bunch. Here is the current status :

Excellent work. I had one final check and I just flipped the apache
switch so 301 permanent redirects are in place now.

> C/Screenshots
> L/Screenshots
> ( why did you remove the direct download (ogg) of the screencast? )

It seemed a little wasful to upload it to the GNOME servers,
especially as it is such an old version. I really should prepare a new
screencast and upload it to Youtube.

> C/Feedback
> L       (the contact info is on L/ (, and I think
> we should keep it there)

Agree. Thanks for your great work. Now with this yak shaving excercise
completed, I might get back to hacking :-)



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