Re: How about a meeting?

Sounds like a good idea.

I'm available 10am to 6pm and then 8pm till midnight UK time, with
Friday nights and the weekend the most.. questionable.. as to whether
i'd turn up.

I'd also like to throw in some discussion on desktop integration
efforts - such as working with hadess on getting us hooked in to the
bluetooth pairing wizard and talking to the Epiphany folk about "Oh,
your on youtube. Do you want to setup sync?" type integration.

Also would like to get some discussion going with Uraeus about our
transcoding. It sounds like with his help (and some gstreamer updates)
we'll be able to get much nicer results.


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 2:38 AM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I was thinking about having a meeting on IRC to discus what is going on at
> the moment/this cycle. It might be a good idea to get the SOC students
> together too. What do you think?
> I am the odd timezone out, so I am happy to make whatever time suits you
> northern hemisphere people best.
> Possible agenda
> * SyncML/PIM/Evo/Google Sync (Jc2k)
> * Gammu Sync (Peter, GSOC)
> * GUI/Daemon split, and Conduit as a sync/export service (Alexandre, GSOC)
> * My gripes (GIO, Webkit)
> * Volunteers for a release manager..
> * Misc
> What do you think?
> John

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