Re: Merging Jc2k's Branches


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 9:17 AM, John Carr <john carr unrouted co uk> wrote:

The improved Google stuff is probably the least tested / hacked on
right now. It basically turns Google Calendar back on with the patch
for the main issue we had with it. I hope to poke it more with the
soup tests.

Good idea.
The Syncml code is tested with libsyncml 0.5.3 (latest release IIRC)
and ScheduleWorld. I won't rest easy until it has lots and lots of
test coverage, though.


Soup was going well though i've not had as much time as hoped for that.

Doesn't make sense to pay any attention to my tracker branch right
now. It depends on unstable tracker and my python bindings that are in

Currently distracted by UI testing for
( though.

Shiny. I recently inherited another server box that I intend to use for automated testing of Conduit and a few other projects I hack on.
If I were given power to land stuff in master, i would land soup (its
standalone and doesnt break things)

You do have power to land stuff in master! :-)

Go ahead and merge Soup!
and then teach my syncml and
google branches how to get tested by soup. Then i would be able to
sleep without nightmares about me deleting your data. Then Google
Calendar and SyncML support could be turned merged.

Sounds good.
(At some point i'd
like to consolidate soup with the other tests again, but theres no
rush i dont think. Automatic tests probably werent run before so them
moving to a different folder is no big loss).

Correct. I run all tests except the automatic ones before release... Feel free to delete the Auto* tests when you land the soup branch.
Is this enough detail for you?

That is great, thanks a lot.



On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 9:36 PM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:
> John,
> Could you give me an overview of the status of your work?
> In particular the improved Google stuff. I would like to get it merged in
> and converted to the new config system. What do you think?
> John
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