[Weekly report] Week 4: Conduit

I'm still having exams so last week wasnt very productive. I was able to create a mockup dialog in which a user would select a dataprovider to sync. This would be very useful for external applications, so they wont have to hard-code dataproviders that can work with their applications. However, I found out that executing dialogs in a DBus call is not very good, because the DBus call eventually times-out. I'm thinking about using DBus signals for that, but I'm not sure that is the best way to use DBus.
I also spent some time checking the translation status of Conduit. But I spent way too much time figuring out autotools, then gettext, then podebug, and eventually I couldnt do what I wanted. I sent an email to the Conduit list but didnt get a response yet, so I'm putting that work on hold until I figure it out.
This week is my last with exams, so I hope I can be more productive next week.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

Diretor Geral - FoG
The Fellowship of the Game

USP São Carlos - EESC/ICMC  
Engenharia de Computação 06

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