[Weekly report] Week 2: Conduit

Hi all,

This week was spent on some random hacking, some not directly meant fro GSoC, but important for Conduit. I fixed some problems in the iPodModule, so now it pass the new tests. I also fixed the DBus configuration dialog, which I broke in the new config transition.
I also spent some time experimenting with the multiprocessing library in Python. I got an idea of how to use it in Conduit, but that would require having the GUI use the DBus API only. It's not such a big problem, but if we are re-implementing the GUI, we should do it in a better way. I got some ideas that I want to experiment, so I made a few changes in the DBus API to make it easier. One such change is to make SyncSets persistent using GConf, without requiring the application to save and restore it everytime. So far it doesnt change much, but I think it's in the right direction.
Next is to get some GUI running on top of the DBus API. I also want to implement a GUI for applications to select a dataprovider from a list, so we dont have to hard-code dataprovider names into applications.
I published a branch with the work from the first week: http://git.gnome.org/cgit/conduit/?h=gsoc09_alexandre
It lacks some polish, but it works.

I also sent some emails to the Tracker guy doing remote services. If we get Conduit talking to Tracker, it opens a whole lot of opportunities.

Unfortunately, in the next few weeks I wont have any time to work on GSoC. I'll still send my report, and if I get to hack on something I'll let you know.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

Diretor Geral - FoG
The Fellowship of the Game

USP São Carlos - EESC/ICMC  
Engenharia de Computação 06

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