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Hm, I didnt thought about that. But the module cache is just one file with information about all dataproviders. The file should probably be very small, so loading it from the network would probably not be an issue (the settings file stored just next to it would probably be in the same size as the modules cache)
The cache is recreated if any module is changed. Running different versions of Conduit would recreate the cache if the last Conduit version loaded was different.
Running several Conduit instances on the same home dir would simply recreate the cache if needed (running several instances of Conduit on the same machine is not possible unless explicitely defined).

What do you think? Does this solve the NFS home dir issue? What other issues it might arise from using the module cache?

Alexandre Rosenfeld

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 14:52, Roumano :) <roumano gmail com> wrote:

If you use a Module Cache stored on the user directory. Don't forget
the possibility of NFS home Dir & run conduit on several machine.
(with the same home dir)
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