Re: Notes Regarding Packaging


On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 00:30 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently conduit gained support for new configure arguments
> --with-file-impl=[GIO, GnomeVfs, Python]. Support for
> --with-browser-impl should also be landing soon. This will mean you
> should no longer have to patch It should also allow us to
> enforce minimum versions for these dependant libraries.
That's a good news :) I'll modify the PPA package to reflect this.

> I also spent some time cleaning the EOG, Totem and Nautilus extensions
> for Conduit. I will recommend enabling these by default within the
> next few days.
I'm waiting your announce to enable them in the PPA.

> Finally, I am finally getting to the point of thinking python-gobject
> GIO binding is good enough to recommend for everyone. Is there any
> chance that we could get a build of python-gobject 2.16.1 [1] in our
> PPA?
Since it's not a trivial package, I prefer to wait an official one from
Debian or Ubuntu to include it in the PPA.
Also, I didn't see the announce on the gnome-devel mailing list. I know
most of packagers monitor this list for new version, but maybe not the
python-devel. It could be good if they forward their announce mail to
the gnome-list :)


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