Phone Module

Hello all,
so far, I have a (crude) phone module put together, that I have used to load my phone with all my contacts and take all the contacts of and put into Evolution, but I am working on trying to get it to work better. I have only tested it with a cable, but I have a bluetooth dongle coming soon that I will test out as well. However, at this point it takes a really long time due to the way I am connecting to the phone. I have some quick questions about the sync process, which I haven't been able to figure out on my own. Is there a function called similar to set_status() that is called at the very beginning and the very end? The part that takes the longest is connecting to the phone, but at the moment the module connects and disconnects with each contact, rather than just at the start and end of the sync process.

Also, where should I post the code for this module? I haven't used GIT before, so I will take a little time to try and figure it out.


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