Re: Xubuntu and SFTP

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Martin Sucha <anty sk gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Xubuntu Intrepid and installed Conduit 0.3.14 from
> ubuntu repository.
> I'd like to ask these questions:
> 1. Is it possible to synchronize a folder to/from SFTP folder directly?
> I found a message on this list saying that is is possible to select
> SFTP folder after making a connection using nautilus. I successfully
> synchronized a folder to SFTP folder this way, however,
> running nautilus screwed my XFCE desktop (nautilus displayed its
> desktop on top of it, I suppose). I'd like to be able to select a
> folder (or file) like I am able to open remote file in gedit using
> "Open Location", i.e. directly enter URL somewhere without the need
> for running nautilus. Is it possible to achieve with current
> "Folder" data provider? Is there any other SFTP capable data
> provider available?
> 2. Does Conduit support other desktop environments? Or, more
> precisely: Should I fill a bug report if I cannot access Conduit
> help using Help->Contents (I am running XFCE)? If so, should it be
> in Ubuntu bug tracker in launchpad or Conduit's tracker?
> Here is the problem I encountered:
> Help Browser says that: The requested URI "ghelp:///conduit" is invalid.
> (I can access gedit help; don't know whether it uses ghelp: URI)
> Thanks.
> Best Regards
> - Martin Sucha

Adding to what Andrew said:

The ghelp problem is fixed in later versions I think.

Generally we concentrate on the GNOME bugzilla because the bugs on
launchpad are always about old versions.


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