Re: Xubuntu and SFTP

1. You don't need nautilus, just add the ftp details to ~/.gtk-bookmarks (this is what nautilus does)
If you want to use Nautilus to set up the remote folders on XFCE, use "nautilus --no-desktop".

I'm not sure if there is another way to do it on XFCE, I don't use it that much :\

2. Yes, conduit works fine on my HP Mininote running XFCE.

(Yes, file a bug)

2009/4/2 Martin Sucha <>

I'm running Xubuntu Intrepid and installed Conduit 0.3.14 from
ubuntu repository.

I'd like to ask these questions:

1. Is it possible to synchronize a folder to/from SFTP folder directly?

I found a message on this list saying that is is possible to select
SFTP folder after making a connection using nautilus. I successfully
synchronized a folder to SFTP folder this way, however,
running nautilus screwed my XFCE desktop (nautilus displayed its
desktop on top of it, I suppose). I'd like to be able to select a
folder (or file) like I am able to open remote file in gedit using
"Open Location", i.e. directly enter URL somewhere without the need
for running nautilus. Is it possible to achieve with current
"Folder" data provider? Is there any other SFTP capable data
provider available?

2. Does Conduit support other desktop environments? Or, more
precisely: Should I fill a bug report if I cannot access Conduit
help using Help->Contents (I am running XFCE)? If so, should it be
in Ubuntu bug tracker in launchpad or Conduit's tracker?

Here is the problem I encountered:
Help Browser says that: The requested URI "ghelp:///conduit" is invalid.

(I can access gedit help; don't know whether it uses ghelp: URI)


Best Regards

- Martin Sucha
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