Re: Google Contacts Problem

Sorry for the delay, I was without internet connection (work problems). 
I tried your patch and it didn't work.
I made some changes and got it to work better, but it still is not 100%
I had some problems at work this week, so I didn't have much time to
check on that. Problably I'll be able to take a look tonigh and I hope I
can finish that :) . 
I'll add you second patch to my changes and let you know :). 



Em Seg, 2008-09-01 às 11:22 +0100, John Carr escreveu:
> On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 1:23 AM, Fabio Rafael da Rosa
> <fabiorafael rosa gmail com> wrote:
> > I have another suggestion, and I wanna know what do you think.
> > I sync my contacts with a folder, and it creates a new file, with all
> > the contacts.
> So the first patch works without any problems? If you can confirm that
> i'll commit to SVN at once.
> > But, it does not have an extension (vcf).
> > Many applications can recognize that it's a vCard, but some can't (like
> > my cell phone if I try to send it via bluetooth without adding .vcf to
> > the file).
> > So, as it's a vcf file, can't with append an extension to the file
> > name ?
> Attached is a 2nd (don't revert the other patch!) patch to add a vcf
> extension to files that conduit creates from a VCard. Again,
> completely untested. If it doesn't work, it should give you some clues
> on how to proceed with this further...
> John
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