Re: ANNOUNCE: Conduit 0.3.15 (Stable)

On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 09:57 +0200, John Stowers wrote:

>         >
>         > Would you still like me to roll another tarball?
>         It is better have a new tarball without version bump.
> Done.

No, it isn't. Silent tarball re-generation is the devil's work. If you
change it, it isn't the same damn tarball any more! What if I'd been a
packager but not subscribed to this list, seen the new version on some
kind of version tracker, packaged it, and gone my merry way? I'd never
know there was a 'fix'. It should always be incremented *somehow* - call
it 0.3.15-1 or something.

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