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Hi John,


I have posted a patch for the "25 contacts" issue at the coduit-list... Maybe you already know (this is my first time using the bug tracking system of gnome)... sorry for any duplicates.

Awesome, thanks

As a general policy, I'd like to know how do you handle "locks" of the code... I mean, if I make changes to GoogleModule, should I post patches or create a new MyGoogleModule?... In any case, I think that within a week I could have a full-functional implementation of the Gmail Contacts dataprovider.

Cool. Dont worry too much about 'locks' and conflicts of the code. It is better to have people coding, creating conflicts then not doing so!

We can then fix any conflicts if they arise.

For instance, the code for getting/putting phones and addresses is nearly finished, but I have modified datatypes.Contact.

Please post a patch/diff to this list, then we will be able to decide if the code should live in Contact, or MyContact. In general however, it is generally better to put such things in the base class, rather than implement and maintain ones own, if it can be avoided.

Another think I would like to work on is the implementation of _get_changes... I think that this is critical when you cannot afford "getting all entries". This is not a problem when getting all contacts from the google database, but imagine that you have to fetch all contacts stored in a mobile phone... too much data to be transmitted over the air.
The 'CodeOverview' document says that its is not used within conduit... is this true? I mean... if I implement such a method, will the sync engine use it? If so, how do I get the "last sync time"?

I will have to have a think about this one. I cannot remember what we did. I do recall that how to abstract/store some sort of identifier for 'last sync time' was one of the remaing problems.



Bufff... maybe all my comments are a bit of a mess...



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