Proposal Evolution Source from File

Hi folks,

I have a conduit usecase here, that I cannot solve yet:

On my workbox we do not install all kinds of cool software but only
software that has proven to be usefull for a lot of users.
Unfortunately, conduit has not (yet) proven this kind of usability (I am
one of the few gnome users here).
So to sync my evolution at work with my own installations I cannot use a
p2p conduit approach (especially, because currently there seems to be no
way to run conduit on a LAN with untrusted users).
My Idea was the following:

1. extend existing evolution sync features to not only accept local but
also remote (ssh) calendars and stuff

2. write a custom dataprovider for that

3. make it configurable enough to use it

So how did I start? I tried to copy EvoCalendarTwoWay and make it use a
different calendar source. That should work, but I noticed that calendar
sources are saved to gconf so it would be a good point to start there.

At that point several questions arrised (and I had to stop for a

1. Is that concept at a good idea or total crap in your eyes?

2. Does _anyone_ know how to ...
2.a) ... mount an uri like sftp://<username>@<servername>/<path> in
gnome with python programatically?
2.b) ... do that with gnome keyring and stuff enabled without too much

3. Is there a way to read gconf entries (like calendar sources) from any
different location then the local store?

I hope I'll get more answers this time


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