Put contact on google contact with empty email adresse

Hello everybody,

A lot of improvement was make last day's in conduit ....


I have 2 question :

1) The Bug 543628 – Synchronization Evolution contacts -> Gmail Contacts fails
   is not related with this one : ?
Bug 520699 – Support Google Contacts via GData

2) I found a error, if a contact (in evolution for exemple) don't have
a email adresse, it's make a error :
 maybe, don't try to push a contact if this one don't have a mail ? or
make a invalid mail (none none com) ? or something else ?

Because i found this on the GoogleModule.py #812 :
       #Google contacts must feature at least a name and an email address

[Syncronization      ][INFO   ] Putting data pas-id-47AB2ECF0000008F
--> None into ContactsTwoWay-roumano gmail com (Synchronization.py:37)
[modules.Google      ][INFO   ] Could not create google contact from
conduit contact (GoogleModule.py:869)
[Syncronization      ][WARNING] Google contacts upload error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/work/perso/conduit/1507/conduit/Synchronization.py", line
331, in _put_data
    put_data(source, sink, sourceData, sourceDataRid, False)
  File "/work/perso/conduit/1507/conduit/Synchronization.py", line 41,
in put_data
  File "/work/perso/conduit/1507/conduit/modules/GoogleModule/GoogleModule.py",
line 972, in put
    raise Exceptions.SyncronizeError("Google contacts upload error.")
SyncronizeError: Google contacts upload error.


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