Re: A mockup for an alternate conduit GUI.

2008/7/22 Kris Northfield <kris northfield gmail com>:
> Funny you should post that, I have a mockup that's been sitting in my
> home directory for a while now waiting for some polish but I think
> I'll just post it 'as is'. There are bits that I'm not happy with at
> the moment but the general ideas are there. What do people think?
> My main aims were:
> 1. add a big 'sync' button to avoid having to right click on the
> applet (also add a cancel button on the toolbar)

What do you think about a dual mode gui. Once Conduit has been
configured, the GUI collapses down to a simple interface, with just a
big sync button?

> 2. make the data providers more 'manageable' (not sure that's what i mean)
> Right now the tree view isn't too much of a problem but presumably
> over time more and more providers will be there, making it more
> confusing and longer.

I think I agree that the treeview no longer scales. What did you think
about Andrews mockup using an iconview to group dataproviders?

> In my proposed solution you have an "Add Conduit" button from which
> you can choose a data type, photos for example, this adds an icon to
> the left panel which then features a drop down to select relevant
> providers.

I think this is a good idea, its silly that we still let someone add a
datasink to a datasource that is unsynchronizable (such as settings ->
photo or other such stupid ideas)

> Clicking an icon in the left panel filters the view, you can then
> further divide data types into custom groups (e.g. personal
> photos/work photos) using a drop down at the top of each group (i
> don't really like this, i think it is over complicating things) you
> can also sync the current group only.

I think this is overcomplicated too.

> Regards,
> Kris.
> 2008/7/16 Andrew Stormont <andyjstormont googlemail com>:
>> Pls, tell me what you think.
>> You'll probably have to view it in inkscape, since I have no idea how to
>> add an opaque background :p
>> Andy Stormont.
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