Re: F-spot and flickr

Hi Harald,

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 12:59 +0200, Harald Solheim wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently tried synchronizing flickr and f-spot. Conduit seems to have
> great potential for doing this, but at present there is at least one
> thing that prevents me from being able to use it. In my previous uploads
> to flickr the filename suffix is removed from the picture name. Conduit
> does not remove the suffix (jpg) from the picture name, hence uploads
> again the pictures that I already have on flickr. 

What do you mean, photos that are uploaded before by f-spot, or
manually, or anything except conduit will not be picked up by conduit.
Only things that were once sync'ed by conduit will be handled by it.

> I would like to synchronize all of my photos with flickr, and in that
> respect I also have some other questions:

> 1. Can you enable syncing with the flickr photostream, and not only
> individual sets?

We decided to support photo sets because it corresponds with the
"albums" that are used by other services as picasa or smugmug.  I don't
know flickr enough to say if it's possible to sync to the photostream;
should have to check.

> 3. Can I ask Conduit to synchronize all my photos except for some
> specified tags?

No; you can specify no tags (which means all photos), or select some
tags.  So you could select all tags except the ones you don't want to

> 2. If I specify to Conduit to upload pictures as private, and I then
> mark them as public in flickr, will they stay public after next
> synchronization?

They should remain public.


> Yours,
> Harald
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