F-spot and flickr


I recently tried synchronizing flickr and f-spot. Conduit seems to have
great potential for doing this, but at present there is at least one
thing that prevents me from being able to use it. In my previous uploads
to flickr the filename suffix is removed from the picture name. Conduit
does not remove the suffix (jpg) from the picture name, hence uploads
again the pictures that I already have on flickr. 

I would like to synchronize all of my photos with flickr, and in that
respect I also have some other questions:

1. Can you enable syncing with the flickr photostream, and not only
individual sets?

3. Can I ask Conduit to synchronize all my photos except for some
specified tags?

2. If I specify to Conduit to upload pictures as private, and I then
mark them as public in flickr, will they stay public after next



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