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On Jan 26, 2008 11:21 AM, Trond Andersen <trond andersen gmail com> wrote:
> I've tried the F-Spot dataprovider to transfer pictures to my Picasa
> Webalbum. I've configured the F-Spot provider to synchronize a
> specific tag, but when running it from the console it returns:
> Delta: Got 0 items.
> It also gives me an error message stating the following:
> [DeltaProvider       ][INFO   ] Delta: Source
> (FspotSource-trond xxxxxx) does not implement get_changes().
> Proxying... (
> Does this relate to the fact that it doesn't seem to find any items
> that should be synchronized?

Hi Trond, thanks for your mail,

Please ensure that you are running both Conduit and FSpot from SVN.
Also ensure that you add the "FSpot DBus dataprovider" (FSpot must be
running for it to be visible in the Conduit GUI). We are going to be
depreciating the old FSpot interface soon, and only using the DBus one
as it allows twoway sync.

Thomas: I have had a few of these questions now. I think we should
remove the old non-dbus fspot dataprovider and move the
FSpotDBusModule in its place. Also, I think the FSpot dbus
dataprovider should always be visible (its approach should just be to
fail refresh/configure if it is not running, like tomboy). Thoughts?


> Thank you.
> ------- Trond
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