Re: Is anyone willing to be a "mentor" for conduit in the Google Summer of Code?

2008/1/18 Tahn Subharo <subharo forestsangha net>:
> Hello all,
> Just an idea:
> Why not ask Google to effectively finance further development of conduit by
> getting conduit registered in their "Summer of
> Code"?  This could go a long way towards helping conduit mature.  I'm sure
> there are many really-useful feature requests that
> have been building up which are within easy reach for some university
> student to add.
> More info about Google SOC:
> There doesn't seem to be any pages about SOC 2008 yet, but I expect there
> will be some appearing in the next couple of months to come.  It
> seems that in early March is when Google begins accepting formal
> applications from Open Source projects to be accepted into the Summer
> of Code:
> The nice thing about being a "mentor" is that you don't need any programming
> skills, just "people" skills (and writing skills).
> Myself, taking on a role like this is something I cannot commit myself to.
> But maybe someone on this list might be willing to.

Hmm, I had never considered applying to make Conduit a SOC project, I
was going to just apply to do a GNOME related project using conduit
for my SOC application.

Im not sure of the regulations, but I'm not sure that I would be able
to mentor and work on SOC at the same time, but Im sure I could
convince Jc2k to mentor someone...

Are you interested on working on something in particular? Its hard to
predict what Conduit will be up to in a few months time, but I'm sure
I could come up with lots of tasty ideas to hack on.


> Cheers,
> Subharo Samanera
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