Is anyone willing to be a "mentor" for conduit in the Google Summer of Code?

Hello all,

Just an idea:

Why not ask Google to effectively finance further development of conduit by getting conduit registered in their "Summer of
Code"?  This could go a long way towards helping conduit mature.  I'm sure there are many really-useful feature requests that
have been building up which are within easy reach for some university student to add.

More info about Google SOC:

There doesn't seem to be any pages about SOC 2008 yet, but I expect there will be some appearing in the next couple of months to come.  It
seems that in early March is when Google begins accepting formal applications from Open Source projects to be accepted into the Summer
of Code:

The nice thing about being a "mentor" is that you don't need any programming skills, just "people" skills (and writing skills).
Myself, taking on a role like this is something I cannot commit myself to.  But maybe someone on this list might be willing to.


Subharo Samanera

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