Ok feedback needed

 I know that being programmers documentation is something most of you
do not like to do, that's fine I understand that.   What I do need to
know is how the current documentation for conduit is looking?


What I need is what you would look for in a help file or a manual on
basic conduit operations (for an end user)  that is helpful, useful,
and informative.

I know at least some of you on the list maybe the type of person that
says "Give me the source and I'll figure it out or fix it" for any
application you use, but what about your significant other or in laws?
  What would they need to know to get an understanding without getting
mired up in quirks and nuances that you as a developer know?  I know
some of these quirks will be sorted out in the long term and as they
do the documentation will change.

After I/we manage to get this documentation in order I can help and do
developer manuals to give people that won't a much more technical
level an overview of how to dig through things and functions in the
code and expectations going forward.

I'll stop acting like a hen mother here and leave my thoughts at that,
I would like feedback and thoughts and what has been accomplished and
what needs to be.   John has been getting spammed to high heaven from
all the wiki edits I have been making.  I think I'm making the one man
effort to fill up his gmail inbox (if gmail didn't group messages I
would bet he would be really annoyed).

Now for a couple technical questions so you can at least be amused at
my lack of knowledge in this realm.

1.  Anyone have any documentation or links on compiling data into a
help file that could be used with conduit (I'm assuming there is a
gnome standardized format I hope).

2.  Anyone know the wiki code for centering?

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