Re: status of network data provider

On Feb 14, 2008 10:01 AM, Zsolt Barat <zsolt softmonsters com> wrote:
> hi list,
> just wanted to ask, what is the status of the network data provider. is
> it supposed to be work? im asking this because i tried to sync some
> tomboy notes over the network. with started avahi the data-provider of
> each machines are detected but nothing more happens. as i figured out
> they should be shown in the data-providers list.
> it seems to me that some methods where called which still aren't
> implemented.

Hi, thanks for your email

I have been testing the network sync a bit lately, and it seems to
work quite well in all cases except large files.

Could you post more information about your conduit,tomboy and distro
versions please.

Also, the sync must be initiated from the second machine

Machine 1
Tomboy --> Network

Machine 2
Network <--> Tomboy
Then start the sync



> best regards
> zsolt
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