Re: GUI Mockups

Hey Alexandre,

Yes I am talking of Coisas, it's only a research project for now,
because the ideas are too grand and too "blue sky" to really be a
production project. But helpfully the research will lead to better ways
of organising the data.

> I was thinking about that, eventually we can get all data to become a
> series of properties (including metadata), which can go through
> anything, and be used anywhere. In a way it's what Xesam and others
> are doing, but they dont cover how to actually get the data (sort of),
> or how to actively interact with services.
> But that is all already implemented inside Conduit, it's just confined
> to a purpose.

It is no accident that my work is both python based and dbus based. I've
been watching Conduit for some time, as well as keeping tabs on
open-sync and some other data projects.

> Maybe your project and Conduit might interact very well. Either by
> exposing the Conduit data-providers to your service, or as a daemon or
> client as you said. Conduit already includes a good architecture to
> discover services and devices,

If my theory is right (see svg slides in the bzr doc directory) then I
intend for a user data services like infrastructural component to
replace EDS, kde-pim, Akonadi completely and implement most of
rythembox, f-spot, gthumb (and more) hardware and online integration.

Anyway, whilst Conduit is making something that actually works and that
is useful today. I'm trying to hack on tomorrows Linux/Cloud/Device
integration layers, which is a little more scary than sync :-D

Best Regards, Martin Owens (Canonical)

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