Re: nokia 770 donation for conduit

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 4:51 PM, Sam Tygier <sam tygier co uk> wrote:

I was wondering if any of the conduit developers might find a nokia 770 useful for helping with porting conduit to maemo.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your generous offer. Unfortunately a few of us already have nokia n800/n770 devices, so speaking personally, I am fine. The main reason that the Conduit maemo port was never finished is because of build and test issues. The maemo packages were never kept up to date, so the port kind of died. If someone is interested in reguarly/automatically building maemo packages for conduit then I will make sure that trunk Conduit always works on Maemo (as it kind of does now).

Until that time, unfortunately, maemo support has slipped right down my list


John Stowers

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