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On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 9:07 PM, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com> wrote:

* Actually so far I have seen considerable occurrences of the conversion process failing and leaving an uncancellable thread that prevents conduit from being closed. I would suggest that this area needs to be debugged and furthur omprovied. Making it impossible to close conduit because of a hung thread is a big no-no

Indeed, this is a big problem. The first one is why the conversion fails. In my tests it almost never failed (it only failed with a bad input). My theory is that some codec is not installed. Could you please post all the messages that appeared? Sometimes it helps to improve the GStreamer verbosity by using "gst.debug_set_default_threshold(2)" anywhere in the iPod module (where 2 can be increased, but more then 3 is too much).
The second one is the thread problem. It is hard to fix because there is no single point to check for it. GStreamer should usually send a error message when something goes wrong, but it doesnt always do that (for instance, when elements were created wrong or are missing). I'll implement more error checks and I'll try to make it impossible to block Conduit (probably by killing the GStreamer thread if it doesnt respond).


Did you make any progress on the alternative DBus UI?

I did, but nothing I can show right now. I've been trying to get my head into the DBus interface first, because what I'll be doing is a little more advanced then the examples show. But I dont think it will be an issue.



p.s Feel free to apply for GNOME SVN, and then you can start working on scn trunk!

My SVN account in Gnome has just been fixed (I applied when GSoC began), but I'm a little afraid of breaking something with Conduit. But I'll try to make some simple fixes, if I can.


Alexandre Rosenfeld

EngComp 06 - USP São Carlos

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