Re: Added Gnome keyring Support

Hi Nick,

Wow. Thanks for this contribution, its implementation is certainly
very interesting. I will have a look over it in the next few days, and
have a think about the best way this could be integrated into Conduit.

Whats interesting is that you have raised two issues
1) We should store passwords in keyring
2) Its stupid making the user enter their username and password
multiple times for one service

The Keyring class you created is a good first step at solving this. If
you have time, would you mind attaching your work as a patch against so that we can track
modifications to it.

The confusing thing to think about is how to fit this into the
existing settings model, i.e. in such a way that its easy for people
who write dataproviders to get this stuff to happen automatically.


2008/4/13 Nick Marshall <nmarshall23 gmail com>:
> I love Conduit, but I don't like that I have to reenter my user name
>  and passwords, for each module.. Wouldn't it be better if somehow we
>  could save them to cache? Well enter gnome keyring.
>  Passwords for a user are stored in an encrypted file, What matters to
>  us is that the modules can just query this daemon and get the
>  authentication details it needs.
>  I have attached a tar file of two examples and an modified version of
>  the google calendar module, with a new Copy
>  both of those files and to
>  /usr/lib/conduit/modules/GoogleModule to try out my changes.
>  Nick
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