Re: Type inheritance and conversion parameters,


I definitely agree with what you are saying, although I am reluctant to add more complexity to the GUI. Perhaps you could liaise with Karl (see who had some other interesting ideas to relate dataproviders


On 9/30/07, Roumano <roumano free fr> wrote:
Hi all,

I have think about the Type inheritance and conversion parameters :

For me, the best way to implent this, is to create "convertor"

in the gui it will be great if you can add some box named "convertor"
beetween datasource and datasink

a Exemple :

Whis this system, we will can synchronise 2 directory ' ( or something
else )& apply a lot of transformation :
    For images :
    Make a border
    Change the resolution
    Change the format
    Add a logo or a text in a image ( like a copyright )
    For Music :
       The format
       Change the bitrate

And to finish if it's possible to put more than 1 "convertor" in the
same the same "synchronize group to extend the possibility ... :
    Change all my musique in the ogg format & change the bitrate to 128K

   -- Roumano --
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