Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

> The plugins for syncing won't include such functions. You are right. A
> sync plugin should just sync. However, in enabling usb-rndis-lite you
> are also allowing windows phones to be used as an internet gateway. So
> you need to be aware of that and consider what to do - remove the part
> of the patch that allows this (boo!) or make sure that it doesnt break
> anything (in this case, the default of NetworkManager auto-configuring
> it is probably the ideal case anyway so its a moot point).

I Agree, the functionality on the hw side should remain so long as
these hw projects are not handled by the syncing platform project.

> Capabilities i'm not as sure about, especially as some devices need to
> actually sync to establish that information...

Well if it's a new device, never before seen by the machine then we
need not fill in the information but in these cases it should
co-ordinate with the unique id and store information about the device
to be used by hal once it's known. most times the information is

> Don't understand. What is the advantage of this? Knowing which plugin
> to use should be enough? And remember that opensync has no desire to
> depend on HAL.

This is just a feature of HAL that it can optionally handle so you
don't have to restrict the information to specific programs. for
opensync this might not be a problem.

> Right. You can configure it via the API though. Conduit will take care
> of configuring much of this stuff. If it needs to come from the user or HAL,
> we will pass it in correctly. If its something that can be put in
> opensync (without HAL deps) we will.

HAL should never be a requirement for opensync, but we should take
advantage of it when it is. having a way to call the information
callbacks directly may help with that for none HAL system.

> > 6) Where opensync does have configs they should be set up per end
> > point, not under a list of sync end points as is currently the case.
> > this would enable more than one phone to sync with kdepim without the
> > same kdepim config being duplicated.
> Could you elaborate on this point, i dont follow your meaning.

OK so you have a cofiguration for google pim (contacts/calendar) why
should you need to configure your google password twice to sync
directly from your nokia and to sync from your blackberry to your
google pim?

Best Regards, Martin Owens

P.S. typing this on a AZERTY keyboard at UDS is interesting experence
as I'm used to QWERTY

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