Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

Hi, I'm not quoting as the topic is quite large so I'm making points
and then commenting:

1) Mobile Phone functionality - We shouldn't be worried with or
including none syncing functionality in plugins for syncing (this is
just confirming) if a phone can act as a modem or a network device
that's great but let some other HAL callback handle that.

2) In HAL fdi functionality we should be idenfiying things as
'sync_point' or 'pim' not as 'mobile_phone' since Palm, WinCE, iPods
aren't phones (and ipods arn't even pims but we need to sync music,
photos and other things too)

3) All hardware talking to the computer should have HAL device nodes,
the callback code which is a fantastic idea needs to call the required
query code and add required information back to HAL; this includes a
unique identifying string of some kind, a space for refined model
(where more than one phone has the same usb device id) and a list of
capabilities that the sync plugin needs to do the right thing.

4) The callback code can actually add functions to HAL, not just data.
so we can create a set of sync information and a sync end point code
hook which opensync could _very_ easily take advantage of to talk to
hardware without having to store so much.

5) OpenSync must be able to sync on the fly without requiring
configuration files; at the moment opensync's config requirements
holds it back from integration directly and offering the functionality
via dbus to tie a hardware node to another software data plugin is the
best option to allow us to create front ends that don't need to mess
about so much with config files (besides most of this config is going
to come from HAL and the information callbacks)

6) Where opensync does have configs they should be set up per end
point, not under a list of sync end points as is currently the case.
this would enable more than one phone to sync with kdepim without the
same kdepim config being duplicated.

I've still yet to qrite up the notes from the meeting, my laptop is
suffering heat problems and it's not in a good state (it only has half
a gutsy install and the machine dies of overheating before the install
can finish) so anyway I will get my friend to grab the gobby text and
I'll run through it all.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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