Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

> I tend to disagree here. Please remember that if someone would want to
> use synchronization and file transfer and call dial and sms send,
> he/she would get access errors unless all access to the device is
> provided via layer that would synchronize the requests for the device.
> So focusing on synchronization is fine, but it must fit a bigger picture.

I also disagree with your point; the cost of incorporating the phone
and networking functionality in the same scheme and project will be
quite high, the lack of focus on syncing and the refocus on any old
thing the phone happens to do with cause pain and slow down

With conflict errors we have to be aware that the device access can be
managed in HAL; your not going to be able to sync addressbook at the
same time as sending an SMS and while we should be aware of
functionality outside and attempt to be considerate; it would be
unfortunate if the bigger picture you speak of is just the enabling of
functionally for a single phone and not the big picture of being able
to sync any pda or phone device through the same interface.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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