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Dne Thu, 1 Nov 2007 14:10:06 +0100
Daniel Gollub <dgollub suse de> napsal(a):

> As i already mentioned, I'm not a friend of hardware databases - especially if 
> it's possible to detect the interface/service/protocoll in a certain way. Not 
> quite sure if you know how complex the capabilities (fieldtype, number of 
> fields, ...) of certain devices is...

About the fields there is sometimes only reliable way to try to write
it. Eg. over IrMC, phones can somehow export what they support,
but you can not tell from that how many phone numbers you can store on
them. The other thing which you usually can not find out until actually
trying to write and item is maximal length of fields.

I also do not like idea of hardware database, but I also do not think
that trying to write to every device just to find out capabilities is a
good solution.

> I only know a few protocols which are intended as synchronization and don't 
> provide capabilities information. The few protocols which aren't intended to 
> be a synchronization protocol but used to do syncing, mostly have fix set of 
> capabilities. Best example for that is gnokii. You should ask Pawel Kot about 
> that ;)

Well I do Gammu (fork of Gnokii long time ago), so I pretty good know
the situation here. You have fixed set of capabilities per protocol, but
each phone actually supports some subset of this. Look at Nokia phones,
they always add new fields to new models so you add them to protocol,
but the old phones will reject them.

> This actually should be only the synchronization protocoll... more isn't 
> needed. At least the frontends of OpenSync doesn't need more 
> then: "syncml-via-obex", "irmc", "palm-hotsync", ...
> So they can choose the right plugin, trigger the discovery process of the 
> plugin and get all the capabilities information ... in a protocoll specific 
> way.
> Unique ID sounds intersting ... should this be done by a callout process?
> What do you want to use as Unique ID? IMEI?

For bluetooth you can use MAC address, not sure about others.

BTW: I cut down CC list a bit, hopefully I didn't remove anybody who is
not on the lists. No need to CC me on reply, I'm subscribed to

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