Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

> Well there is lot of information which would be interesting to know.
> Starting on what fields and how much of them does phone support ending
> with available options to connect to it. First would be quite useful
> for all applications, while the latter for low level configuration of
> device (if we can not configure it automatically, user just selects
> phone from list and he will get list of possibilities how to connect to
> it). I thought many times about starting such database, but I never got
> to make it real.

Hardware databases are being developed by other projects, including
but not limited to dohickey, ubuntu-hardware-tests and it looks like
these will be merged with more info being fed back into HAL as

So a quick overview:

Conduit GUI for configuration
New python gui for sync applet icon using dbus to conduit services
OpenSync wedged somehow into HAL for all hardware endpoints
All information about phones to be put into HAL after callouts from
HAL this includes unique ID's and the sync engine required to operate
Conduit and opensync both changed to take advantage or awareness of
HAL if compiled to require it.
Callouts should return the user which the phone has been claimed to
belong and allow later on to extend this to any security on mobile
devices for syncing. (or none if it's brand new phone)
The default pim end points for ubuntu is evolution (begrudgingly) and
kubuntu is kde-pim for one click sync enable.

Let me know if I've missed any high level thoughts.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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