Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

Times for you all, rather short notice, sorry:

On 01/11/2007, Martin Owens <doctormo gmail com> wrote:
> > I really have certain doubts that you're just hijacking the OpenSync plugins
> > and write your own synchronization logic. So the whole complexity of the
> > OpenSync engine would be just duplicated ...
> Right, but that is because a) both teams have created syn logic b)
> neither team has made their sync logic a separate module that can be
> used on it's own c) conduit believes it needs only hardware support d)
> opensync believes it only needs a gui on top of the existing platform.
> The truth is that opensync attempts at gui's have been awful, it's not
> integrated into dbus for sync control; it doesn't use HAL for hardware
> management or detecting when hardware is plugged in; it's terrible at
> passing information about hardware around and has a rather
> non-automatic configuration path that makes it hellish to set up end
> points and doesn't have support for filters and media translations
> (yet)
> Where as conduit has almost no hardware syncing support, also doesn't
> use HAL for managing hardware (yet), has poorer conflict resolution
> and syncing logic and used to have a problem with having gdk (gnome)
> requirements.
> I do not believe either team can produce anything complete and useful
> by it's self and the reason for the dialog and meeting is so we can
> talk about how to merge, promote or decommission various parts of each
> project so we acquire all strengths in the end functionality.
> The conduit guys want to take all the hardware support, by use of an
> extension of some kind.
> I've not heard any solutions from opensync yet.
> Best Regards, Martin Owens

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