Re: [Fwd: How opensync and conduit co-operate?]

Hello John,

Thanks for your information.

>From last June, we do not know conduit will implement GUI for opensync.
And the multisync is not what we want, so we developed opensyn GUI tool
called GnomeSync [1]. By now we've released two versions, but still a
baby. If conduit is good or have good future, we may give up GnomeSync.

What does the GUI looks like?
Do you have roadmap to implement opensync GUI in conduit? When we can play with?


On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 10:59 +0000, John Carr wrote:
> Hi Halton
> Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
> So i am very interested in your thoughts on how your opensync GUI
> project can co-operate with Conduit.
> I'm not entirely sure of how it will all fit together but my current
> thoughts are that opensync people can leverage Conduit as a high level
> platform for both opensync and conduit's sync logic and dataproviders. 
> The main area where we improve on the services offered by opensync is
> deeper integration with the desktop. Opensync is quite low level. On top
> of that Conduit deals with identifying when an "interesting" device is
> plugged in and notifying the GUI's that are running that they have a new
> target to show in their UI or ask the user about. I consider that just a
> starting point for what we can offer though.
> Our own plugins currently do some things which i'm not sure opensync has
> the infrastructure in place to support. For example, when you change
> tomboy notes, files or gconf keys we'll autosync them. This will cover
> Evolution as soon as we have time too.
> One option you have is to build on top of our dbus API and use that to
> manipulate both opensync and conduit stuff. We can run conduit
> "headless", exporting just its dbus methods and signals. I think
> everything the GUI uses is available over dbus.
> John

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