supporting unlisted calendar source uris


would it be worthwile to support opening calendar uris that are not listed in the source list?

Doing so would (according to my very limited testing) basically amount to resorting to call e_source_new_with_absolute_uri when e_cal_get_sources fails in evo_cal_source_open_source (in evo-calendar.c).

The question likely is whether to do this via an optional parameter in (the python function) evolution.open_calendar_source or put it in a new function. Also, it would likely be desirable to be able add the source to evolution's list of sources, even though that isn't necessary (or desirable) in the application I presently have in mind. I'm not quite sure what other bookkeeping would need to be done.

If you are not opposed to introducing calendar creation in general and could give me a hint on the above, I'd try to come up with a patch.

Kind regards


P.S.: Sorry for introducing myself with a feature request.
Thomas Viehmann,

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