Re: Off For a Few Days (and TODO list)

On 7/24/07, Thomas Van Machelen <thomas vanmachelen gmail com> wrote:

2007/7/18, John Stowers <john stowers gmail com>:
> 3) Web dataprovider login issues.
> Currently an article on conduit is being written for Linux Magazine. The
> author has found none of the online web services work when using firefox to
> authenticate. In addition Ken has mentioned that gnome-www-open is a
> debianism and is not really portable. Also the GUI freezes when we
> authenticate. The long answer is boring, the short answer is use of
> gnome-www-open should die. We should use gnome-open instead.

If no work has been on this yet, I'm willing to devote some time on
this one when my internet connection is back up at home; because i'm
partly responsible for the gnome-www-open stuff that's in trunk atm.

That would be great if you could help. I am concentrating on finishing the mvc stuff.



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