ANNOUNCE: Conduit 0.3.2 and evolution-python 0.0.2

Hey Guys,

I just released Conduit 0.3.2 [1], mainly a bugfix release, however this also comes with some new features:

 * All photo sites now support delete
 * support
 * Evolution Tasks + Calendar support is improved
 * Conduit is now translatable
 * Conduit can be set to autostart with the session
 * Supports minimize to tray (iconify) behaviour
 * Added some DBus convenience methods: BuildOneWaySync, BuildTwoWaySync and BuildSimpleExport

Accompanying this is a new release of evolution-python [2]. The main changes here are reducing unneeded linked libraries, and addition of more methods for Tasks.

Apologies for the lack of activity this cycle, I have finished travelling now so I can concentrate on hacking some more. I will be mainly concentrating on the canvas mvc branch and on test coverage. I will also try out some thoughts I have regarding SyncML support.

Thanks to all the Conduit contributors



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