Re: Patch to export the defs files

On 7/9/07, Lauro Moura <lauromoura gmail com> wrote:
Hi there,

I'm working on maemo port of evolution-python and I have some patches
that may be useful in the upstream distribution. The first one is
attached in this email, it exports the defs file to pkgdatadir/defs/

Sounds great. Let me know when you have it working as I have just acquired a nokia n800 so I will be spending some time getting Conduit to work on it at some point in future.

Let me know if you need any help or anything. I noticed from you patch that you are working from 0.0.1. I will be releasing 0.0.2 this week as there have been some build dependency and licence fixes go in. You may be interested in the deps fixes which remove lots of unnecessary linking of libraries

I'm still fixing the other ones which include:

- Export enumerations (contact fields, query types)
- Type EBookView (through codegen)
- Type EBookQuery (hand made)

Oh that sounds great

Still in my wishlist is a configure option of --with-ecal, which would
strip all ecal components (not needed by maemo).

Lauro Moura ("lmoura" on Freenode)

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