Re: Synchronising with mobile

> Mainly, I'm a programmer :) Till now I've developed using all flavors of
> C. I've seen, that conduit is written in Python -> it's not problem for
> me, I always wanted to learn Python :)

This is always good, a lot of the work that is needed is integration
work, making sure that when you plug your phone in it creates the
required hal/dbus messages that conduit can use to know that your
phone is available. You may also want to investigate why your syncing
isn't working and figure that problem out too.

We have a new version of opensync (0.4) which will be released,
conduit is currently attempting to work with 0.34 and lots of other
plugins are only available for 0.2x (while ubuntu only ships 0.19
*roll eyes*)

> Do you have any API documentation? Something that could show me how
> conduit works, what's its current progress, what's need to be done, what
> linux features it uses, etc. If you need any particular help feel free
> to inform me.

There are better people than me who can answer your question, here are
some documents for you to read though:

Best Regards, Martin Owens

P.S. make sure to reply to all so we can keep this on the list.

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