Re: Synchronising with mobile

> So here is my question: do you plan add such a feature?
> Connecting to mobile phones, using maybe gammu?
> Do you have someone working on it? Or maybe you don't want to add
> mobile support and there is other project covering this subject?

We are working on mobile/pda support syncing in conjunction with
opensync, pushing those data points to open sync that make sense. I'm
maning the hardware plug and play development (it appears ;-)) so if
you want to work with me to get your phone to plug and play then we
can work on getting it to play with opensync and then finally conduit
should just work with the phone (in the end)

> I'm asking, because if it isn't any existing solution I could provide
> help developing this for Conduit.

Your help would be most welcome, what are your skills?

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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