[mutter] Update Friulian translation

commit 84ac28cbee60132a781600f90a263ec787ebf4b9
Author: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>
Date:   Fri Aug 17 03:49:35 2018 +0000

    Update Friulian translation

 po/fur.po | 92 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 1 file changed, 50 insertions(+), 42 deletions(-)
diff --git a/po/fur.po b/po/fur.po
index 81add1e6b..909ce18a9 100644
--- a/po/fur.po
+++ b/po/fur.po
@@ -7,15 +7,15 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: mutter master\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/mutter/issues\n";
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-06-07 13:00+0000\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-06-29 15:33+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-08-15 08:53+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-08-17 05:49+0200\n"
 "Last-Translator: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>\n"
 "Language-Team: Friulian <fur li org>\n"
 "Language: fur\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
-"X-Generator: Poedit 2.0.8\n"
+"X-Generator: Poedit 2.0.7\n"
 #: data/50-mutter-navigation.xml:6
 msgid "Navigation"
@@ -538,22 +538,22 @@ msgstr "Cambie visôr"
 msgid "Show on-screen help"
 msgstr "Mostre jutori a schermi"
-#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:903
+#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:886
 msgid "Built-in display"
 msgstr "Display integrât"
-#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:926
+#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:909
 msgid "Unknown"
 msgstr "No cognossût"
-#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:928
+#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:911
 msgid "Unknown Display"
 msgstr "Display no cognossût"
 #. TRANSLATORS: this is a monitor vendor name, followed by a
 #. * size in inches, like 'Dell 15"'
-#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:936
+#: src/backends/meta-monitor-manager.c:919
 #, c-format
 msgid "%s %s"
 msgstr "%s %s"
@@ -568,66 +568,65 @@ msgstr ""
 "Un altri compositing manager al è za in esecuzion sul schermi %i sul display "
-#: src/core/bell.c:194
+#: src/core/bell.c:254
 msgid "Bell event"
 msgstr "Event cjampane"
-#: src/core/display.c:608
-#, c-format
-msgid "Failed to open X Window System display “%s”\n"
-msgstr "Impussibil vierzi il display “%s” di X Window System\n"
-#: src/core/main.c:190
+#: src/core/main.c:191
 msgid "Disable connection to session manager"
 msgstr "Disabilite la conession al gjestôr de session"
-#: src/core/main.c:196
+#: src/core/main.c:197
 msgid "Replace the running window manager"
 msgstr "Rimplace il window manager in vore"
-#: src/core/main.c:202
+#: src/core/main.c:203
 msgid "Specify session management ID"
 msgstr "Specifiche il ID di gjestion session"
-#: src/core/main.c:207
+#: src/core/main.c:208
 msgid "X Display to use"
 msgstr "Display X di doprâ"
-#: src/core/main.c:213
+#: src/core/main.c:214
 msgid "Initialize session from savefile"
 msgstr "Inizialize session da file salvât"
-#: src/core/main.c:219
+#: src/core/main.c:220
 msgid "Make X calls synchronous"
 msgstr "Fâs lis clamadis X sincronis"
-#: src/core/main.c:226
+#: src/core/main.c:227
 msgid "Run as a wayland compositor"
 msgstr "Eseguìs come compositor wayland"
-#: src/core/main.c:232
+#: src/core/main.c:233
 msgid "Run as a nested compositor"
 msgstr "Eseguìs come compositor nidiât"
-#: src/core/main.c:240
+#: src/core/main.c:239
+msgid "Run wayland compositor without starting Xwayland"
+msgstr "Eseguìs il compositôr di wayland cence inviâ Xwayland"
+#: src/core/main.c:247
 msgid "Run as a full display server, rather than nested"
 msgstr "Eseguìs come servidôr display complet, invezit che nidiât"
-#: src/core/main.c:246
+#: src/core/main.c:253
 msgid "Run with X11 backend"
 msgstr "Eseguìs cul backend X11"
 #. Translators: %s is a window title
-#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:147
+#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:148
 #, c-format
 msgid "“%s” is not responding."
 msgstr "“%s” nol rispuint."
-#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:149
+#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:150
 msgid "Application is not responding."
 msgstr "La aplicazion no rispuint."
-#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:154
+#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:155
 msgid ""
 "You may choose to wait a short while for it to continue or force the "
 "application to quit entirely."
@@ -635,11 +634,11 @@ msgstr ""
 "Al è pussibil sielzi di spietâ un pôc lassant che la aplicazion e continui o "
 "sfuarçâ la aplicazion par sierâle dal dut."
-#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:161
+#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:162
 msgid "_Force Quit"
 msgstr "Sfuarce _Jessude"
-#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:161
+#: src/core/meta-close-dialog-default.c:162
 msgid "_Wait"
 msgstr "_Spiete"
@@ -666,12 +665,21 @@ msgstr "Stampe version"
 msgid "Mutter plugin to use"
 msgstr "Plugin Mutter di doprâ"
-#: src/core/prefs.c:1997
+#: src/core/prefs.c:1787
 #, c-format
 msgid "Workspace %d"
 msgstr "Spazi di lavôr %d"
-#: src/core/screen.c:583
+#: src/core/util.c:120
+msgid "Mutter was compiled without support for verbose mode\n"
+msgstr "Mutter al è stât compilât cence supuart pe modalitât fetose\n"
+#: src/wayland/meta-wayland-tablet-pad.c:567
+#, c-format
+msgid "Mode Switch: Mode %d"
+msgstr "Cambie mût: mût %d"
+#: src/x11/meta-x11-display.c:666
 #, c-format
 msgid ""
 "Display “%s” already has a window manager; try using the --replace option to "
@@ -680,21 +688,21 @@ msgstr ""
 "Il display “%s” al à za un window manager; prove dopre la opzion --replace "
 "par rimplaçâ chel atuâl."
-#: src/core/screen.c:668
-#, c-format
-msgid "Screen %d on display “%s” is invalid\n"
-msgstr "Schermi %d su display “%s” no valit\n"
+#: src/x11/meta-x11-display.c:1010
+msgid "Failed to initialize GDK\n"
+msgstr "No si è rivâts a inizializâ GDK\n"
-#: src/core/util.c:120
-msgid "Mutter was compiled without support for verbose mode\n"
-msgstr "Mutter al è stât compilât cence supuart pe modalitât fetose\n"
+#: src/x11/meta-x11-display.c:1034
+#, c-format
+msgid "Failed to open X Window System display “%s”\n"
+msgstr "Impussibil vierzi il display “%s” di X Window System\n"
-#: src/wayland/meta-wayland-tablet-pad.c:567
+#: src/x11/meta-x11-display.c:1117
 #, c-format
-msgid "Mode Switch: Mode %d"
-msgstr "Cambie mût: mût %d"
+msgid "Screen %d on display “%s” is invalid\n"
+msgstr "Schermi %d su display “%s” no valit\n"
-#: src/x11/session.c:1818
+#: src/x11/session.c:1819
 msgid ""
 "These windows do not support “save current setup” and will have to be "
 "restarted manually next time you log in."
@@ -702,7 +710,7 @@ msgstr ""
 "Chescj barcons no supuartin la funzion “salve impostazions atuâls” e si "
 "scugnarà tornâ a inviâlis a man tal prossim acès."
-#: src/x11/window-props.c:559
+#: src/x11/window-props.c:565
 #, c-format
 msgid "%s (on %s)"
 msgstr "%s (su %s)"

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